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At your local Concord Market you’ll find all your basic shopping requirements catered for and much more besides. We've got everything from groceries to quality clothing and electrical goods - all at very competitive prices. Why not join us and gain the benefits of becoming a Concord Market Trader?

Becoming a market trader is one of the quickest ways of starting up your own business without the hassle of start up fees or overhead costs. To be a successful trader you will need to be hard working, and the more effort you put in the greater the financial reward.

Find Your New Career at Concord Markets!

Its easy getting started, if you're not already an established trader or business all you need to do is decide what service you are going to be offering, whether this is selling goods or repairing products.

A strong, unique product line that is new and interesting which is not currently being sold on the market is a must. This can be anything from fashion, confectionery, musical instruments to fruit and vegetables.

Why not give us a call on: 01384 573 662 to discuss the advantages of becoming a Concord Market Trader.

Where to begin

Contact us at 01384 573 662 or email us at to discuss your product line, stall options, fees and the legal side of becoming a market trader.

Choosing a line

By finding a product that is not overly sold on the market and one that is in demand will increase your chances of becoming a successful regular trader.

Accounts & VAT

You can claim back the VAT you have paid on your purchases. Using an accountant will ensure VAT is registered for and that you are only paying what you have to.

The Law

You will need public liability insurance to trade on the market. This can be purchased from the National Market Traders Federation (t: 01226 749021)

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